What Are Some Symptoms of Cancer of the Cecum?

Fatigue, gas and bloating, nausea and vomiting, and pain in the abdomen are possible symptoms of cancer of the cecum, according to About.com. Weight loss and anemia are other symptoms. By the time symptoms are evident, the disease is often in its later stages.

The cecum is the structure that connects the small intestine to the ascending colon, explains About.com. It is the least likely place for colon cancer to develop, but the symptoms are not easy to detect. Inflammation of the cecum doesn’t cause typical colon cancer symptoms, such as irregular bowel habits, the urge to defecate and blood in the stool. Any bleeding that occurs in the cecum is unlikely to be evident by the time the stool travels through the colon and exits the body.

Symptoms of cancer of the cecum are similar to those of other conditions, including appendicitis, inflammatory bowel disease, and cecal volvus, which causes a blockage of the bowel, notes About.com. Diagnostic measures include CT scans, X-rays and colonoscopy.

Treatment for cancer of the cecum involves surgical removal of the mass or of the cecum itself, according to About.com. A doctor may also advise chemotherapy and radiation, depending on the stage and grade of the cancer.