What Are Symptoms of a Bruised Shoulder Bone?

Daniele Francesca Martinie/Moment/Getty Images

According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, symptoms of a bruised shoulder bone include swelling, pain and limited joint range. Additional symptoms include weak muscles surrounding the shoulder bone and a pool of blood that forms over the injury, commonly referred to as a hematoma.

The University of Minnesota Medical Center explains that it is important for individuals suffering from shoulder contusions to seek immediate medical assistance if there is a large amount of bruising or if the injury swells rapidly. Shoulder bone contusions can take up to six weeks to heal. Severe shoulder bone contusions are treated with slings or shoulder immobilizers.

According to WebMD, additional symptoms that may accompany a bruised shoulder bone include pinched nerves, tingling fingers, limited range of motion and cold hands. Home treatments for bruised shoulder bones include rest, protecting the injured area and applying ice to minimize pain and swelling. Massaging the skin surrounding the bruise can help to minimize swelling and increase blood flow. While it may cause discomfort, it is always a good idea for individuals with shoulder injuries to do their best to exercise uninjured areas of the arm or shoulder in order to maintain healthy muscle tone. It is also helpful to elevate the injured area while resting and applying ice. If a splint is required for treatment, it should be kept dry at all times.