What Symbols Represent Sisterhood?

symbols-represent-sisterhood Credit: Luigi Masella/Moment Open/Getty Images

Two or three interlocking female astrological signs, each consisting of a circle with a cross protruding underneath it, is one of the most common symbols of sisterhood, as of 2014. The black triangle standing on its tip is another popular emblem of sisterly kinship and pride.

The use of interlocking female signs for a sisterhood symbol has roots in the feminist and lesbian movements of the 1970s. The black triangle was originally the label sewn onto women's clothes for antisocial behavior, including any type of feminism, lesbianism, departure from traditional female tasks, prostitution and many other irregularities, during Adolf Hiter's Nazi regime. These women were imprisoned, often in concentration camps, and suffered greatly. Later in the 20th century, women have reclaimed the black triangle and use it as a symbol of female solidarity.