What Are the Symbols of Different Spirit Animals?


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Spirit animals symbolize physical and emotional grounding, strength, determination and authority. Commonly identified spirit animals easily found in nature include the deer, lion, bear, butterfly, horse and spider.

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The bear spirit animal represents strength and confidence. It indicates that it is time for healing, and its medicine emphasizes the need to find answers within oneself. The bear also symbolizes direction and enables people to know if they are on the right path. Just like the bear, the lion also symbolizes exceptional strength, assertiveness and power. It represents courage, authority and dominance, and it can warn about impending challenges, weak spots or difficult situations.

The deer is an emblem of love and peace with oneself. It combines gentleness with strength and determination. People who have the dear as a spiritual animal are highly sensitive and possess a strong intuition. They are mostly vigilant and are able to change direction quickly. The butterfly is a major symbol of personal transformation, renewal and rebirth. It also means elevation from earthly matters and signals a person to tune into emotional and spiritual areas of life that need to be changed.

In the spirit animal kingdom, spiders are figures of feminine energy and creativity. They link the past and the future and also represent women who capture their prey by unfair means.

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