What Symbolizes Strength?

Depending on the country and culture of origin, animals are most often adopted as symbols of strength, including the lion, bear, elk, ram, snow leopard and wolf. Various types of birds, such as the hawk and eagle, as well as the oak tree also signify strength and power.

In Buddhism, the Precious Elephant symbolizes strength of mind. In Egypt, the bull epitomizes strength. Celtic symbols for strength and courage, adopted by citizens of Ireland and Scotland, include the badger, water dragon and frog. The jaguar represented strength to the ancient Mayan civilization. To Native Americans, the turtle, bear paws and badger tracks denote courage or resoluteness. The Spanish introduced horses to the plains tribes as emblems of stamina, mobility and power.

Written symbols, often used in body art, are adapted by people who wish to inspire and motivate others. Chinese symbols known as Kanji can be written using different fonts, and Reiki is an art form that implements specific characters to show strength and courage. The Egyptian ankh represents strength and life that is drawn from the sun. Since ancient times, the arrow has symbolized not only strength but swiftness and knowledge as well. A circle signifies feminine strength and the force of spirit innate in all women.