What Is the Symbolism Behind the Dogwood Tree?

In most cases, the dogwood tree is used to signify the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Even though the Bible does not talk about the type of tree on which Jesus was crucified, traditional stories or legends claim he was nailed on a dogwood tree.

According to legend, the plant used to grow into a very large tree and because of this, it was mainly used to make crosses. When the tree sensed it would be used to crucify Jesus, it was greatly distressed, which is why Jesus spoke to it saying it would no longer grow large enough to be used for cruel purposes ever again.

The tree's flowers take the shape of a cross with two long and two short petals on the sides. Right at the edge of the petals are small holes signifying the nails of the cross. A green cluster in the middle of the flowers is said to represent the crown of thorns that Jesus was given during his crucifixion.