What Is the Symbolic Meaning of Tree of Life?

Symbolically, the roots of the tree of life dig deep, the trunk provides a foundation, the branches spread out for subsistence and nourishment, the leaves absorb and collect energy, and the fruit gives itself for the joy of others. The breath of life from the Tree of Life represents the spiritual nature of air and inspiration. The leaves of the tree have the properties to heal people not only physically, but also emotionally and spiritually.

There are various trees of life in folklore, mythology, religion and culture. In these references, the tree usually refers to immortality and fertility.

The nurturing aspects of life are embodied in the tree of life. The leaves of the tree represent nourishment by reaching out to the sun. Its leaves collect this nourishment and converts it to food that is eaten by others. It embraces the soil with its roots. The tree acknowledges the sun and Earth as the sources of the energy needed for survival.

The tree combines the four elements - fire, earth, water and air - to create its life-giving capability. Fire represents the light from the sun that gives the tree energy, earth represents the foundation and the support the tree receives from the soil, water represents the vital essence of the tree, and air represents the medium where it communicates with its surroundings.