What Are Some Symbolic Interpretations of a Blood Red Moon?


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Interpretations abound concerning the series of four blood moons in the years 2014 and 2015. Some Protestants claim it fulfills prophecy. Some Catholics see it as one of several signs leading towards a great revelation.

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A blood moon occurs when the earth falls between the sun and the moon. While this ordinarily means the moon is invisible or visible only as a silhouette, sometimes sunlight filters through the earth's atmosphere and is refracted so that the lower end of the spectrum falls upon the moon. This can give it a reddish hue.

Referring to the return of Christ, the Bible several times mentions signs in the heavens, including references to the moon turning red as blood. While the phenomenon happens with some frequency, recent interest has been raised because it is happening around certain feasts in the Jewish Calendar. Pastors John Hagee and Mark Blitz have noted independently that there have been other occurrences of four blood moons in modern history and that each was closely associated with important events in the history of Israel.

Jewish Press writer Yori Yanover responds to this by noting that in each instance cited by Hagee and Blitz the series of blood moons fell after or concurrent with the great historical event, not before, and as such might be heavenly confirmation but cannot be prophecy.

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