What Is Switzerland's Traditional Dress Like?

Although the traditional costume of Switzerland has been influenced by various cultures, it remains distinctive even in 2015. A majority of Swiss folks are influenced by the Western style of clothing, but traditional Swiss outfits are still worn in ceremonies and parades.

Usually, the traditional costume of Switzerland consists of a puffy white blouse and tight ribbon crest top worn with trousers or a skirt. The colors favored are red, green, black and white. On Sundays, women generally wear outfits decorated with gorgeous embroidered flowers, while Swiss males dress up with smocks that are embroidered with alpine flowers. A crucial part of the male costume is a red handkerchief worn with the tip visible from the left pocket of the trousers. However, this outfit is worn by bachelors only.

In Unterwalden, ladies wear costumes adorned with silver, and in the Alpine region, males use leather shorts and leather boots. In Gruyere, cattlemen dress up with blue canvas jackets, while females wear silk aprons and long-sleeved jackets.

An old custom of the Swiss costume is to wear tights. Nowadays, men wear tights of darker shades, while women prefer white or red tights. A majority of the traditional costume of the country consists of scarves, hats and embroidered shirt cuffs. Wearing smocks is also a significant part of Swiss traditional attire.

At present, there lies a great diversity in the folk costumes of Switzerland. In the regions inhabited by the Protestants, the costumes are generally modest in their outlook, while in the areas dominated by the Catholics, the attire is more lively and decorated.