Does Swiffer Work on Laminate Floors?

Mike Mozart/CC-BY 2.0

Swiffer floor care products work on laminate when used properly. Keeping laminate flooring dust-free is safe and easy with the dry Swiffer pads and can be done as often as necessary, but moisture from wet pads must be dried quickly to prevent damage.

When water puddles on the laminate or gets into any crevices, the floor can warp. When using the Swiffer Sweeper Wet Mop, it is best to spray the cleaning solution onto the pad rather than the floor to prevent problems.

The Swiffer Steambooster is an even safer option because of the reduced amount of moisture involved and how quickly it dries. The water used in the appliance comes out as steam as it penetrates the dampened Steambooster pad. The heat from the steam enables the floor to dry faster, minimizing the risk of damage.