What Do Swedish People Wear?

Bengt Nyman/CC-BY 2.0

Swedish fashion, much like Swedish architecture and design, is characterized by modernity, simplicity and clean geometric shapes. On the streets of Sweden, women often pair gray and black skinny jeans with oversized button-down shirts and large scarves. Men wear tight black trousers and jeans with gray sweaters and dress shoes.

Swedish people often wear a monochromatic palette of grays and blacks. When they do wear color, they typically wear muted blues and olive greens. Despite this simplicity, the Swedish style is dramatic and distinct. Instead of bold colors or patterns, Swedish people opt for bold cuts. Dramatic silhouettes, such as layers of thick sweaters and scarves worn on top with skinny jeans on bottom, are commonly seen in Swedish fashion and street style. Popular fabrics include wool, cotton and leather. Black boots and thick heels are popular for women. Men wear black boots and athletic shoes.

Swedish fashion and its minimalist aesthetic have spread throughout the world. H&M is the most famous Swedish brand, with over 2,629 stores worldwide. Other popular Swedish fashion brands include Odd Molly, Cheap Monday, Acne Jeans and Filippa K. These brands have gained recognition not only for being sleek and modern but for their distinct casual and unisex aesthetic.