How Do You Survive on a Deserted Island?

How Do You Survive on a Deserted Island?

How Do You Survive on a Deserted Island?

To survive on a deserted island, prioritize locating safe drinking water first, then work towards finding food and shelter. Once these are in place, work towards attracting attention from planes or ships in order to be rescued.

  1. Find Safe Drinking Water

    A human being cannot survive without clean drinking water for more than three or four days. This makes finding safe water to drink top priority for survival. Look for fresh water sources such as moving streams or waterfalls, or catch rain water in a container to drink.

  2. Find Or Create Shelter

    Shelter is crucial for survival on a deserted island. It provides a place to rest while also keeping out the elements. If caves or other ready-made shelters are not available, fashion a lean-to shelter using fallen trees or logs and cover the structure with leaves. Build a fire near the shelter for warmth, cooking and to keep away animal predators.

  3. Find Food

    Once water and shelter are in place, food is the next priority. Fruits and vegetables that grow on the island are an easy food source. Fish can be caught using a net fashioned from articles of clothing, or speared using a sharpened stick. Stay in shallow water to avoid sharks or other sea predators.

  4. Draw Attention To Alert Rescuers

    As soon as basic survival needs are met, attempt to attract the attention of any planes or ships that may be in the area. Build a large signal fire or create an SOS sign on the beach to attract attention and hopefully get rescued from the island.