What Are Superstitious Beliefs in the Philippines?

Beliefs in the Philippines of the supernatural include things such as if your palm itches, you will be receiving money soon according to the Seasite.NIU.edu website. Another is that if black ants are seen inside a house, it means that the owner will be rich shortly.

Beliefs regarding pregnancy are that if the mother does not eat the food that she is craving, she will suffer a miscarriage of the child. Also, if a pregnant woman has a photo taken of her, the baby will die at its delivery according to the website Living in the Philippines.com. A common belief regarding finances is that if you scrub a floor at night time, you will become poor according to Superstitions of.com. Additionally, if you give money through a window, you will bring poverty upon yourself. As mentioned through the Hawaii.Hawaii.edu website, it is said that if a person sleeps with wet hair, it will cause them to lose their eye sight. Also, plucking a single white hair will cause 10 more white hairs to sprout in its place.

Regarding weddings, a common superstition is that a bride should not wear pearls, as pearls are considered to represent tears according to the Weddings in the Phillipines.com website. Also, in order to avoid bad luck, the groom should arrive before the bride at the church.