What Is a Summary of the Gospel of Matthew?


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The Gospel of Matthew begins with the birth of Jesus, and follows Jesus' ministry from the calling of the first disciples through the resurrection. Much of the Gospel of Matthew is concerned with Jesus' teachings and how they relate to Jewish laws and traditions. A significant portion of the gospel is dedicated to the parables Jesus uses to teach his followers, such as the parable of the wedding feast and the parable of the two sons.

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The Gospel of Matthew is unique because it begins with the genealogy of Jesus, tracing his lineage back to Abraham. This approach marks that the idea of Jesus as a man is important within the gospel, since he is continuing the teachings established in Israel generations before his birth. The Gospel of Matthew also highlights the opposition of the Pharisees to Jesus' teachings.

The Gospel of Matthew is sometimes considered the most "Jewish" gospel, since it delves more deeply than the other gospels into reconciling Jesus' teachings with existing Jewish law. During the Sermon on the Mount, for example, the Gospel of Matthew shows Jesus telling his followers that he has not come to destroy Jewish law and the prophets, but to fulfill those prophecies.

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