What Is in a Subway Veggie Patty?

According to Subway, its veggie patty consists of soy, carrots, onions and red peppers. The patty’s filler ingredients are gluten, soya, egg, wheat, celery and cow’s milk. The 6-inch patty contains 390 calories and 9 grams of fat.

While the patty alone contains 390 calories and 9 grams of fat, additional sandwich toppings such as cheese and mayonnaise add extra fat. Customers can choose from several bread options that include whole wheat rolls, Italian rolls, various cheese rolls and low-calorie flat breads. Additional topping options include ranch sauce, avocado, bacon, tomatoes, pickles, lettuce, onions and olives. Individuals who are watching their calorie intake can opt for light mayonnaise or Subway’s Southwest sauce, a tasty low-calorie choice.

Subway is a popular sandwich chain that specializes in healthy alternatives to high fat, high-calorie fast food. In addition to healthy sandwich options, Subway also offers healthy sides such as apples, milk, yogurt and fruit juice. Subway also offers healthy breakfast sandwiches that contain low fat meats and egg whites. Subway’s spokesperson Jared Fogle lost 245 pounds by eating Subway sandwiches for lunch and dinner every day for 11 months. The sandwiches that Jared ate to achieve this goal consisted of either lean turkey or veggies, minus the mayonnaise and cheese.