What Is a Substitute for Semolina Flour?

Semolina flour is a hard, high-gluten flour that is commonly used to create pasta or bread. Finding an appropriate substitute for semolina flour depends on several factors, including the type of recipe being served and the dietary restrictions of the people consuming the dish.

Semolina flour is a popular choice for homemade pasta because it helps noodles hold their original shape and retain a firm texture. Hard flours similar to semolina include durum-wheat flour and whole-wheat flour, so these are good substitutions for pasta recipes. For bread or pastries, all-purpose flour is a suitable substitute for semolina. People who follow a gluten-free diet can use quinoa flour, rice flour or amaranth flour in place of semolina in most recipes, but the finished product may be a bit softer than one made with semolina flour.