What Are Some Styles of Pakistani Clothing?


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Pakistani clothing styles reflect the cultures and climates of the Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, Pashtun and Kashmir regions of Pakistan. The national dress, called the shalwar kameez, is composed of loose trousers and long shirts. It is worn by all Pakistani men and women, though the inhabitants of each region embellish the outfit in regionally specific ways.

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In the Punjab region, men typically wear a straight-cut shalwar kameez. Other pieces of clothing include the dhoti, a rectangular piece of cloth that is wrapped around the waist and through the legs, then knotted at the waist; and the lungi, a piece of material wrapped around the waist to form a skirt. Men also wear the pagri, turban, and the khussa, a leather style of footwear.

Women from the Punjab region wear the national dress, the shalwar kameez, with varying lengths of shirt and trouser embroidered with elaborate colors and designs. In addition, women wear the dupatta with the shalwar kameez. The dupatta is a multi-purpose scarf and is believed to be a symbol of a woman's respect and modesty.

Men from other regions also wear the pagri, just as women from other regions also wear the dupatta. However, the cut and design of the material varies to indicate the appropriate region.

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