Where Is Strong's Concordance Available Online?


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Strong’s Concordance is available from websites such as Bible Hub and Bible Study Tools. Bible Hub publishes Strong’s Concordance indexes to both Hebrew and Greek Bibles, allowing users to look up a word in either Bible with the word's Concordance number. Bible Study Tools integrates Strong’s Concordance into the King James Version and New American Standard Bible and allows users to read the Hebrew word and its definition by clicking the English word.

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Bible Hub aims to make the Bible more accessible, offer Bible study tools for free in multiple languages and promote the Gospel of Christ, according to its website. Bible Hub is produced by the Online Parallel Bible Project, an initiative with the purpose of providing Internet-based Bible study tools. The Online Parallel Bible Project started in 2004 with eight available translations of the Bible.

Bible Study Tools is a for-profit corporation providing biblically based content through its website. The content it provides includes articles, study guides and devotionals. The company relies on sources such as Insight for Living, Focus on the Family and The Bible Answerman.

Some of the purposes for which students use Strong’s Concordance include gaining a better understanding of the original meaning of a biblical word and finding a biblical passage based only on a word or a phrase. As a number of lexicons and Bible word studies rely on the number system in Strong's Concordance, students can easily compare information from multiple sources about the same word. Strong's Concordance was first published in the late 19th century.

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