How Do You String a Basketball Net?

Emma Innocenti/Taxi/Getty Images

Stringing a new basketball net typically involves stretching the net’s nylon loops around the metal hooks on the rim of the basketball hoop. If the current net on the hoop is old or torn, removal is necessary to make room for the new net. The rim can be difficult to reach if the hoop is not adjustable, but with a ladder, a basketball net can be put up in 10 to 15 minutes.

  1. Remove the old basketball net

    If necessary, raise a stepladder underneath the basketball hoop to reach the rim. Use a pair of scissors to cut the pieces of the old net from the rim, ensuring that the metal hooks are free of string.

  2. Determine which end of the net is the top

    To avoid improperly stringing the new net, lay it on the ground and grab the end with the widest loops. Spread the loops of the wide end apart so they can be individually strung onto the rim’s metal hooks.

  3. String and secure the basketball net

    Using the top end of the net, hook each loop around the metal hooks of the rim. When the last hoop is hooked, pull down on the bottom portion of the net to ensure the net sits firmly in place.