What Is the Story of Ezra?

Ezra was a Jewish high priest and scribe and a descendant of Aaron. Ezra was in Babylonian exile and was instructed by King Artaxerxes to lead a group of Jewish people in Babylon to their homeland Jerusalem. The king sent him to teach the laws of God to the Jewish people, and Ezra is credited as introducing the Torah to Jerusalem. Ezra helped reintroduce numerous Jewish principles and traditions to the Jewish people and prevent them from sinning against God.

The New Testament book of Ezra is allegedly written by the man himself. In the book, Ezra writes about the return of Jewish exiles to Jerusalem, the building of God's temple in the land and the immoral problems that were afflicting the Jews. At the time of his arrival in Jerusalem, the Jewish people were in disarray and intermarrying non-Jewish people. Ezra was a great teacher and scholar, which made him a natural leader among the Jewish people.

Ezra's father was Seraiah, who was executed by the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar. Ezra was born in 480 B.C., and he died in 440 B.C. The story of Ezra's life is documented in the book of Ezra, and he is a highly venerated figure in Judaism.