Is the Story About Dearborn, Michigan, Implementing Sharia Law True?

The story about the Michigan town of Dearborn and its implementation of Sharia law is not true; it was posted by The National Report, a satirical site known to post absurd entertainment pieces disguised as news items. Dearborn's mayor and residents have repeatedly denied any plans to pass such laws.

Other stories on The National Report include humorous articles such as "New Report Suggests Hillary is Kenyan Muslim Who Will Take Your Guns" and "Pope Francis To Followers: 'Koran And Holy Bible Are The Same.'" The story targeted Dearborn because of its unusually high population of Muslim residents. However, defenders of Dearborn have highlighted the city's notable Christian population, the city's amount of liquor stores and its number of strip clubs as proof that Sharia law is not being enforced.