What Is the Story Behind Slenderman?

Slender Man originates from the Internet, specifically a Photoshop contest on the Something Awful forums. The fictional story that grew from the photo spread on websites such as Reddit, 4Chan and Creepypasta.com and holds that Slender Man stalks and kills children.

Slender Man, also known as Slenderman, is described as a tall, thin man with a blank face and a black suit. He is shown with long, stretching arms and tentacle appendages sprouting from his back. The first photo depicting him originates with a 2009 photo contest on Something Awful. The concept expanded across the Internet and is now considered a modern-day urban legend.

A notable repository of Slender Man material is CreepyPasta.com, a database for online, user-generated horror stories. Slender Man material includes fan art, fiction, short films, fan-made games and numerous pop culture references, including an episode of the TV show "Supernatural."

The character is also the inspiration for at least one recorded crime. Two Wisconsin girls stabbed another child and abandoned her in the woods as a "tribute" to the character, believing they would be able to meet him in return. In the wake of the stabbing, CreepyPasta.com posted a response to the coverage, reiterating: "Slenderman is not, nor has he ever been, anything more than a fictional character created by SomethingAwful user Victor Surge."