What Is the Story of the Archangel Michael and the Serpent?


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The story of Archangel Michael and the Serpent is a biblical verse about the end of the world. Michael and the angels of heaven wage war against the serpent, an allegory for the devil, and his fallen angels during the apocalypse. At the conclusion of the battle, the devil is cast down to Earth by the Michael and forbidden to ever return to heaven.

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The story of Michael and the Serpent is found in the Book of Revelation in Christian bibles. The Book of Revelation was written as a prophecy for the apocalypse, in which God arrives on Earth to reward the chosen people for their faith in him. The devil is defeated several times in the story, the first instance being the war in heaven with Michael, and is finally cast by God into the “Lake of Fire”, traditionally accepted as a place of eternal punishment and pain. Earth is destroyed in the process of the apocalypse and so, after the devil’s final defeat, God creates a new heaven on Earth for the chosen.

Michael and the Serpent is the subject of many art pieces, with Michael generally depicted as a warrior in armor, holding a sword or lance and standing over a serpent or dragon.

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