What Are Some Stories or Legends in Which Someone Sells Their Soul to Satan?

One of the best-known stories of an individual selling their soul to Satan is the story of Faust, who offers his soul to the devil in exchange for power and knowledge. The term "Faustian bargain" emerged from this story and is often used to describe a deal in which an individual sells their soul to the devil in exchange for benefits during their earthly life. Other individuals who are said to have made such bargains include Theophilus of Adana and Robert Johnson.

Several earlier legends and stories involve selling a person's soul to Satan. One early legend revolves around Theophilus of Adana, a priest who sold his soul to Satan in exchange for becoming a bishop. Father Urbain Grandier was another priest accused of selling his soul to the devil in exchange for worldly gains.

Many more recent stories revolve around deals with Satan, such as Washington Irving's "The Devil and Tom Walker," in which a greedy and selfish man sells his soul in exchange for riches. A number of stories are about musicians who sell their souls in exchange for talent, such as the story of Robert Johnson. The trope of a character selling their soul to Satan has also been widely used in pop culture, including television shows such as "Supernatural," in which bargains with Satan or other demons are often part of the plot.