What Are Some Stories in the Book of Numbers in the Bible?

Stories in the book of Numbers include the Israelites' journey to the promise land, Moses striking the rock at Kadesh, and Moses sending out 12 spies. The book of Numbers is the fourth book in the Old Testament of the Bible and fourth book in the Jewish Torah.

The most important story in the book of Numbers details the Israelites' journey from captivity in Egypt under Moses' leadership to the promised land in Canaan. The journey lasted 37 years, and many Israelites died during the journey. The story of Moses striking the rock at Kadesh can be found in Numbers 20. Moses, who was the leader of the Israelites' exodus, was banished from the promised land because he disobeyed God. The story of the 12 spies is about Moses sending spies to visit the land of Canaan. The spies described the land as flowing with milk and honey, and it was the Israelites' ultimate place of settlement.