Do Any Stores Have Zima for Sale Online? and both have Zima available for purchase online. Rakuten Global Market also sells Zima on their website. However, on all three sites, delivery for this product is only available to ship to locations within Japan.

On Amazon, Zima is available individually or as a 24-pack. Choose between 275 milliliter bottle of the original flavor or 330 milliliter cans. The Pink Premium and Secret Black flavors are also available in the 275 milliliter bottles.

On Lohaco, Zima and Zima Pink Premium are available, both in sets of three 275 milliiliter bottles.

Rakuten Global Market sells 24-packs of 340 milliliter bottles of Zima.

The products on these sites can only be delivered to addresses in Japan because they are alcoholic beverages, and therefore classified as items prohibited for shipping to the United States and Canada.