What Stores Accept EBT Cards?

Westend61/Getty Images

There are several online resources available to determine which stores accept EBT cards, including the official U.S. Department of Agriculture website. The sites foodstampsnow.com and ebtcardbalance.com also provide this service.

The USDA site is a map interface that requires users to enter an address before any results are displayed. A complete address can be entered, but the interface also accepts more general information such as city, state or ZIP code. Once the address information is entered, the map zooms into the local area and displays the nearest 10, 25 or 50 locations that accept EBT cards. The user can zoom in using the control on the left-hand side of the map and click on any pushpin to get the name, address and distance from the address entered, as well as directions if desired.

The foodstampsnow.com site contains a table that lists all participating EBT card stores alphabetically. Other information on this site includes the number of locations and states in which the stores are located. The ebtcardbalance.com site is similar to the USDA site in that it asks the user to enter an address and then displays a map with the search results of all nearby participating EBT card retailers.