How Do You Stop Using the Snooze Button?

How Do You Stop Using the Snooze Button?

Stop using the sleep button by going to bed earlier, using light correctly, and take your time in waking up and going to sleep. Adjusting your normal habits just a little bit in these ways helps you stay off the snooze button and sleep deeper.

  1. Go to sleep earlier

    Make sure you give yourself enough time to sleep as much as you need to feel refreshed in the morning. Give yourself the foresight of knowing that you are likely to thank yourself in the morning.

  2. Use light to your advantage

    Turn off as many lights as you can when you are going to sleep as even the smallest bit of light makes it more difficult for your mind to power down. Let in natural light in the morning when you awake. This causes an automatic reaction in your brain that sleep time is over and the day has begun.

  3. Get up slowly

    Take some time to warm up to the idea of facing the day. The only reason you jump out of bed in a hurry with the snooze button is to make up for the fact that you hit snooze until you were running behind. When refraining from the snooze button, you should wake up slowly and give your mind time to wake up.