How Do You Stop Caring About What People Think About You?


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Learn to care less of what others think of you by finding a role model, maintaining a narrow focus, focusing on the present situation more than its outcome and seeking constructive criticism. Other strategies to care less about what others think include being less sensitive, avoiding negativity and knowing that you cannot please everyone all the time.

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An important step towards not caring what others think of you is finding a good role model. This person serves as a source of inspiration for you to follow your dreams and live independently without regard for others' thoughts of you. Focus your mental energy on what you are trying to accomplish in the present instead of worrying about negative feedback and things that could go wrong.

When you receive criticism, consider the source. Focus only on criticism from positive friends and colleagues. Negative people tend to be overly pessimistic in their view of the world and reflect this through their speech, emotions and actions. Constructive criticism should focus on what you could do better instead of how badly you have erred.

Become less sensitive by imagining the worst possible outcome of a situation and realizing that you would survive it. Realize that some criticism is a good thing and is better than being ignored completely. Avoid the need to please everyone. Realize that it is normal to have someone who is unhappy with you.

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