Where Have Stone Indian Artifacts Been Found?


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Major locations where Native American stone artifacts have been found include Jackson County, Michigan, and Franklinville, Pennsylvania. A clerk in Jackson County uncovered thousands of American Indian artifacts spanning three historical time periods in south-central Michigan during the mid 1900s. Franklinville is the site of former Native American settlements, including caverns that house relics dating back to 8,000 B.C.

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Native Americans dropped, misplaced and stored millions of stone arrowheads, spear points, knives and stone blanks throughout North America. Native Americans were at times very mobile, following animal migration patterns to hunt herds of animals and feed the tribes. Sometimes arrows were lost in grass, brush or snow, or tools were left behind in caches to which the tribes never returned. This explains random Native American tool storage spots found in forests and near river banks in many diverse regions of the country.

Sometimes Native Americans found a spot that supported agriculture and permitted for camps to remain in a single place for hundreds or thousands of years. These locations house multiple storage spots for tools that were hidden, stored and misplaced throughout large Native American camps, such as those from Jackson County and Franklinville. The Algonquian tribe called the Lenni Lenape lived in the Franklinville caverns during the 1600s, and left behind many stone tools and weapons, including piles of discarded flint chips.

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