What Is "The Stolen Party?"

stolen-party Credit: Helen Yin/Moment/Getty Images

"The Stolen Party" is a short story by Argentinean writer Liliana Heker. It tells the story of 9-year-old Rosaura, whose mother works as a maid for a wealthy family. Rosaura has been asked to the birthday party of the family's young daughter, Luciana. Though Rosaura's mother is uncomfortable with her daughter attending a party for the rich, Rosaura has her heart set on being with her friend.

Rosaura is allowed to attend the party. She gets along well with the other children, except one female cousin who does not believe Rosaura and Luciana are friends because they only do their homework together. The children play a variety of games. Rosaura is adept at these amusements and enjoys herself thoroughly.

Because she is familiar with the household, Rosaura is asked to help serve hot dogs, juice and birthday cake. At the end of the party, Rosaura assists the hired magician with a trick involving a pet monkey. As the children begin to leave the party, Luciana's mother, Senora Ines, gives them parting gifts, such as bracelets or yo-yos. Rosaura waits with her mother, eager for a present but well-behaved.

After the other guests leave, Senora Ines offers Rosaura two dollars and thanks the girl for all her hard work. The story ends with the three of them standing at the doorway, frozen. Rosaura and her mother are insulted and appalled, while Senora Ines is aware that something is wrong but does not comprehend what it is.