How Do You Do a Stolen Car License Plate Check?

Visit or to search for a stolen vehicle using the license plate number. Both sites offer a database of registered stolen vehicles throughout the United States.

To submit a search for a stolen vehicle on, select the state that the vehicle is registered in using the drop-down menu. Enter the license plate number in the associated field, and click on the Submit Search button. Any reported results on the vehicle are listed. Users are also able to perform searches using the VIN number of a vehicle. offers a broader search engine that not only includes the United States, but also provides stolen vehicle information for Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. To perform a search, locate the Number Plate Check link in the right column, and select the location of interest. Each location has a separate link associated with the local area where users can perform a license plate search. For example, the link offered to perform a search for the United States is, while the link offered for the United Kingdom is After selecting the provided link, type the license number in the field. Select the state or province associated with the vehicle, and submit the inquiry. A result is provided if a vehicle in the database matches the query.