What are some stereotypes of Norwegians?


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Some stereotypes about Norwegians are that they are all very tall, blond and more likely to be Christian than people in other Scandinavian countries. On the other hand, Norway is also stereotyped as a nation of extremely liberal atheists that is soft on crime and drugs, sexually progressive and promiscuous, and obsessed with tolerance and fairness.

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Norwegians are often viewed as modern-day, libidinous Vikings, or as leather clad, church-burning metal music fans. People also imagine that the men have long beards and wear horned helmets and the women are tall, blonde, blue-eyed and have large breasts. It is assumed that all Norwegians love to ski. Norway is also often association with the singing group ABBA.

Norwegians are sometimes stereotyped as racist, not accepting of new cultures and inhospitable to anyone different. Other characteristics attributed to Norwegians include being somber, introverted, alcoholic and boring. Norwegians are mistakenly thought to be simple-minded, uneducated and unsophisticated country bumpkins who eat a lot of fish and have horrible manners and muddy boots.

Most of Norway’s income now comes from oil and natural gas, but the stereotype remains that the people live in small huts in fishing villages on the fjords. Actually, Norway is a very rich, expensive country due to its oil revenues. The population is not made up of mostly uneducated rural dwellers, as is often believed.

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