What are some of the stereotypes against Catholics?


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There are many negative stereotypes associated with Catholics which include idolatry, paying for indulgences, and being anti-science. Stereotypes about the church number in the millions.

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Here are three common stereotypes are inaccurate for Catholicism.

  1. Idolatry: Many people have the misconception that Catholics worship the Virgin Mary. This is not true; they actually have a special reverence for her, but they do not worship her like they do God.
  2. Paying for indulgences: Many people believe that the Catholic church allows for its members to pay for indulgences or special blessings of forgiveness. While this did occur during the Middle Ages by some forgers, it is not a practice of the Catholic Church.
  3. Being anti-science: Many people believe that the Catholic church is against teaching science. However, this is simply not true, and it is evident in the fact that science, including evolution, is taught in Catholic schools.

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