What Are the Steps for Troubleshooting Your LG TV?

Begin troubleshooting an LG TV by navigating to LG.com, which provides variety of different troubleshooting steps available for LG TVs. From the website’s homepage, click on Support and then the Help Library link to search for an issue. Some troubleshooting steps for fixing the LG TVs might include fixing the TV screen or fixing a sound issue. Before starting any troubleshooting steps, LG recommends users to check if they have the latest firmware update.

One common sound issue some LG TVs might encounter is distorted audio from the TV speakers. The distorted audio might be caused by an audio input or an issue with the TV. Most troubleshooting steps for this issue begin by performing a Sound Test from the TV’s menu. If the Sound Test does not correct the issue, try using another audio cable or checking the output settings on the media device.

TV screen issues, such as flickering, might be caused by a video input problem. Most LG TVs have a Picture Test option in the menu to troubleshoot image issues. If the issue continues, make sure the power cable is firmly connected into the wall outlet.

Additionally, try the Energy Savings and Smart Picture Mode options found in menu to fix the issue. If further help is needed, the website also provides a live chat feature or email and telephone communication options.