What Are Some Steps Toward Gaining Confidence?


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Some steps toward gaining confidence include eating right, not comparing yourself with others and doing things outside of your comfort zone. Further, exercise helps, as does limiting negative, self-defeating thoughts.

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A poor diet can lead to a depressed state of mind, says Forbes. Avoid foods with antibiotics and any processed foods, and don't consume large amounts of sugars or carbohydrates. Returning to a healthier, more balanced diet generally results in an increase in mood, leading to higher self-confidence.

Don't focus too hard on trying to be like other people or on the approval of others, as this can also result in a lack of self-confidence. Comparing not only leads to failure, but it can produce feelings of guilt. The time and energy spent comparing should instead be used to focus on the self and individual goals. The more risks you take and the more things you do outside of your comfort zone, the more embracing new experiences becomes a habit. This can translate to more successes and more confidence, states Forbes.

Exercise builds energy and usually leads to better life choices, according to Forbes. It also creates endorphins that make the body feel good, which generates more confidence. Exercising just 30 minutes a day is enough to see benefits.

Negative thoughts should be replaced by positive messages to the self, says Forbes. The more you do this, the more it also becomes a habit.

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