What Are Some Steps to Loving Yourself?

What Are Some Steps to Loving Yourself?

One step to take toward loving yourself is to make a conscious decision to be happy and to find fulfillment. Accept that the power to change experiences and their outcomes lies within you. Embrace what is good about yourself, and minimize being self-critical. Another step toward self-love is to stay positive and in the moment. Embrace kindness, and let negativity go. Positive thoughts and energy directly empower your actions.

If you fall short on something or have failed to produce desired results, acknowledge that you have done your best. It is not always winning that counts, but rather lessons learned and strategies used in simply making the effort.

Try to let go of excess worrying. Worrying often leads to cloudy thinking and poor judgement. Accept what you can change, and focus on what you can do to help a situation. Self-love also comes from developing a sense of trust in your judgement and abilities. Visualize a desired outcome, and focus energy on obtaining it.

Develop your spiritual side. Whether it be belief in a religion or embracing nature, when you allow your spirituality to grow, you become more at peace and connected to the world around you, and this connection can foster kindness, compassion and self-love. Express gratitude and thankfulness for what you have been given and for what you are capable of giving to others.

Nurture dreams, and use them toward living the authentic life you desire. Disappointment often comes from what you did not do rather than the things you accomplished.