What Are Some Steps to Take to Be a Classy Woman?


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Becoming a classy woman requires developing a sense of style, focusing on grooming and posture, and learning to be elegant in one's approach to all things. Above all, a classy woman is gracious, kind and true to herself, states ElegantWoman.org.

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While learning to be classy, first focus on attitude. A classy woman esteems herself, and it shows in her grooming, posture, deportment and dress. While a makeover and personal styling create a more classy appearance, they do not teach a woman how to move or be graceful. For those things, consider taking ballroom dancing or ballet lessons.

Next, focus on self-improvement. Part of this is education, particularly in elocution, or speaking properly. This can be developed on one's own, although it's easier to do with a professional speech coach. Learn about art, classical music and performance arts, such as opera and theater. Learn about the world, traveling if possible, and consider taking classes in at least one foreign language. Look for a way to serve the community through volunteering or philanthropy.

Finally, learn to have the correct attitude toward money. This does not mean one must be rich to be classy, but it does mean one must appreciate money, understand how to make money, and work on building wealth. Classy women know what they can afford. They shop for high-quality items, not fads, and they are as generous to others as their budgets allow.

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