What Are Some Steps to Take to Become a Better Person?

To be a better person, one should take the following steps: he should practice gratitude, stop being defensive, practice acceptance, forgive without holding resentments, be authentic, be empathetic, be direct, be kind and compassionate, have integrity and love himself, according to Huffington Post. In addition, one has to consider the impact of his actions to others, and always think before speaking.

Gratitude involves seeing some good parts. This means that even in terrible situations, a good person or one striving to be better sees some positive aspect. For instance, after being involved in an accident, he can be grateful that it wasn’t worse than it was. To be a better person, one has to let go of defensiveness, which builds a wall around him that compromises his performance and growth. Accepting oneself and things that can’t be changed helps one to become a better person. This attribute allows people to accept situations and love others the way they are without expending too much energy trying to change them.

Forgiving and letting go of resentments untethers an individual from negative experiences, allowing them to continue having healthy relationships. Being direct and honest in what one says contributes significantly to making an him a trustworthy and better person. In addition, a person of integrity is trusted and respected by people. To be a better person does not only benefit the individual, but it also impacts on the people around him. Minding other people in relation to one’s actions and behaviors makes him a better person.