How Do You Stay Focused?


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To keep focused on a project and improve time management, set clear goals and outline plans for achieving them. Set specific blocks of work time, take breaks every 60 to 90 minutes and reward yourself for staying on task. Additionally, look for technology or applications that can help organize tasks and increase productivity.

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Staying focused and avoiding distractions is often a matter of developing productive habits. Determine the top priorities for each task, the order in which they need to be achieved and deadlines for their completion. Don't forget to schedule breaks as needed. Alertness often decreases after about an hour or so of work, which in turn can lead to a decrease in productivity. Take a short walk or listen to music for a few minutes to refresh your mind and increase your ability to stay focused when you resume your task.

Setting up rewards after each work period is also a useful strategy to maintain concentration. After completing a designated task or working for a certain amount of time, reward yourself by exercising, getting lunch or a snack, or talking to a friend.

Numerous productivity tools and applications are available to help maintain focus and efficiency. Self-Control blocks the use of selected websites for a set period of time. TrackTime monitors the usage of different programs on your computer, revealing how much time is spent on unproductive activities. These tools, and others like them, remove distractions and provide feedback that makes it easier to stay on task.

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