What Are Some Statistics on Infertile Couples in the United States?


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As of 2015, 6 percent of married women between the ages of 15 and 44 in the United States are infertile, and roughly 7 1/2 million women between 15 and 44 have used infertility services, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The number of women between 15 and 44 who have difficulty getting pregnant is a little over 6 1/2 million.

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More than one factor is involved in 25 percent of all infertile couples, says the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Ovulation problems account for approximately 25 percent of female infertility, and male infertility is a contributing factor or the sole cause of infertility for 40 percent of all couples. Only 3 percent of infertile couples use treatments such as in vitro fertilization, while 85 to 90 percent are treated with surgery or medication. Unhealthy body weight accounts for 12 percent of infertility cases in women, and smoking causes female infertility in 13 percent of all cases.

An analysis of data from the 2002 National Survey of Family Growth found that 7.5 percent of men younger than 45 sought help from a fertility doctor, notes the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Eighteen percent of these were identified as having infertility problems. Common issues for men include medical conditions such as infection, diabetes and testicular failure, and exposure to lead, pesticides and radiation. Smoking, steroid use, heavy drinking and illicit drug use also lead to male infertility.

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