What States Have the Most White People?

According to a 2010 Census Bureau report, the states with the largest white populations include Maine, Vermont, West Virginia and New Hampshire. Each state is said to have at least a 92 percent population that consists of Caucasians.

John Tucker, of the Peace and Justice Center located in Burlington, Virginia has stated that the reason for such a low minority rate in these states is a lack of cultural offerings, job opportunities and little to no shared background between the residents and the minorities.

Vermont has the largest population of Caucasians with a 95.3 percent lead. Maine has a population that is 95.2 percent white and New Hampshire and West Virginia both have a 93.9 percent population of white people. All three states had at least a 98 percent population of Caucasians when the Census conducted a study in 1990.

The other top states in the report having at least an 89 percent population of Caucasians included Iowa, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and North Dakota. The Census Bureau also noted that the states with the smallest population of Caucasians included Hawaii, Louisiana, Georgia, Maryland and Mississippi. Tucker says the small percentage of minorities that have built communities in the highly populated white states are courageous and should be considered pioneers.