How Do You Start Practicing Wicca?


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To begin practicing Wicca, obtain books to learn more about the practice, and join Wiccan communities, whether online or in the local community, to connect with others who have similar beliefs. Some Wiccan practitioners perform a dedication ritual after studying the practice. The dedication ritual is either created by the individual, or found in a book or from another source, and often takes place after a period of training or study.

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Before practicing Wicca, learn about the common methods used to perform rituals. For instance, practitioners often choose to follow the Wiccan Rede, which provides guidance when choosing and performing rituals. As individual beliefs vary greatly, writing down specific beliefs before practicing Wicca is helpful in determining which aspects of the religion are incorporated into rituals and which are discarded.

Those living in an area with a coven, or group of Wiccans, can consult with the leader of the coven to begin a training period to become Wiccan. Solitary Wiccans have the option of self-training using books, such as the widely accepted Wiccan books by Raymond Buckland.

Meditation and visualization are among the first exercises recommended to beginning Wiccans. Although practices vary greatly, the traditional amount of time dedicated to study is one year and one day before a person is officially recognized as Wiccan.

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