How Do You Start a Group?

How Do You Start a Group?

The most efficient way of organizing a new group is through the Internet. To be successful, you need access to a computer with an Internet connection and a vision that has the power to unite strangers to a common cause. With proper planning and dedication, your group will grow over time.

  1. Brainstorm the group focus

    The most successful groups have a focus, such as a shared hobby or activity. Think about what you want to do with the group, and visualize how that can happen. Think about where, when and how the group will meet.

  2. Advertise the group

    Start by letting your friends and family know about the group. Advertise the group on social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter.

  3. Expand the group

    If appropriate, make the group a Meetup, which is a website where people go to find groups planning interesting activities. Another option is to send out a newsletter on Yahoo, which allows you to advertise events.

  4. Plan meetings

    Whatever the focus of your group, plan meetings around that focus. For instance, if the group is based on a hobby, plan a time for the members to get together and engage in that hobby. Plan out all the details so that the meeting feels organized.

  5. Welcome newcomers

    Make sure to welcome and thank those who show up to the group meeting. If members interact on your Facebook or website, make sure they feel comfortable being part of the group. This helps the group membership grow.