What Is the Standard Bathroom Cabinet Height?

The modern standard for bathroom cabinet height is 36 inches. However, bathroom vanities can vary in height between 32 and 43 inches.

It is important to get a bathroom vanity in an appropriate height that is practical for the entire family to use. Otherwise, it will feel too short for adults or too tall for kids. In the past, the convention was to install a 32-inch vanity, which made it more accessible for shorter people. Builders eventually recognized that this left adults with a too-short vanity once the children in the family grew up. Modern practice is to install a 36-inch tall bathroom vanity, which is a little better, and kids can use step stools to use the vanity until tall enough to reach it on their own.

Bathroom vanities still may not be tall enough at 36 inches to serve. The best practice is to select a vanity height that is body friendly to the user, such as a counter that allows the user to rest his or her hands on the countertop with elbows at a 45-degree angle. There are no current international code requirements for the bathroom vanity height, although this height range is a recommendation by the National Kitchen and Bath Association.