What Are Some Facts About St. Paul the Apostle?

St. Paul was born in Tarsus, which is now Turkey, and was named Saul. He persecuted Christians and participated in the stoning of Stephen, the first Christian martyr. While traveling, Saul's famous conversion to Christianity occurred, after which he was known as Paul. He traveled widely, preaching and establishing churches. The Jews despised Paul's influence in converting people to Christianity. He experienced much criticism and anger from people who did not accept Christianity.

Paul went home and preached there until he was summoned to go to Antioch, where he spent a year with Barnabas. They later went throughout Asia Minor, establishing churches as they went. The people sent questions to Paul and asked him to settle arguments. The Bible includes some of St. Paul's letters about being a Christian. Paul continued his world travels, visiting Macedonia, Greece and Italy.

Due to his extensive travels and his dedication to his converts, St. Paul is known as the apostle of the Gentiles. St. Paul was about to go to Spain when the Jews put him in prison for two years. After that, he resumed his travels. Paul spent another two years in prison for preaching in Rome. After visiting Spain, St. Paul returned to Rome, and Nero, the Roman emperor, beheaded him.