Who Was St Elizabeth of Hungary?


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St. Elizabeth of Hungary is an official saint of the Roman Catholic Church who lived from 1207 to 1231. She was the wife of Landgrave Louis of Thuringia and is venerated in the Catholic Church as the patron saint of bakers, countesses, young brides, the falsely accused and the homeless.

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St. Elizabeth of Hungary was born in Hungary to King Alexander II and was promised at a young age to Louis of Thuringia. The marriage took place in 1221, and the couple had three children: Hermann II, Sophia and Gertrude.

Despite her high position in Thuringia and life at court, St. Elizabeth lived a life of penance, sacrifice and generosity. The poor of the realm knew her as a friend. St. Elizabeth was attracted to the ideals of poverty and humility as taught by her contemporary, St. Francis of Assisi, and she incorporated aspects of Franciscan spirituality into her life at court.

Louis, himself a deeply religious man, joined the Crusades and was killed during the venture. After she secured the care of her children, she became a tertiary of St. Francis and built a Franciscan hospital for the care of the poor. She was declared a saint very shortly after her death.

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