What Is the Square Root of 6?

The square root of 6, calculated to 11 digits to the right of the decimal point, is 2.44948974278. Because the calculation does not produce a whole number, 6 is not a perfect square. The closest perfect square is 4, which has a square root of 2.

If the calculation for the square root of 6 is extended indefinitely past the decimal point, the resulting decimal expansion will proceed past 1 million non-repeating digits. Therefore, the square root of 6 is considered an irrational number. The square roots of the perfect squares, such as 4, 9 and 16, are all rational numbers. There are 10 perfect squares between 1 and 100. The square roots of the remaining integers between 1 and 100 are all irrational numbers that can be expressed by nonrepeating decimals.