How Do You Find Sprint Deals for Existing Customers?

Sprint offers existing customers the option and comfort of browsing through deals at the “My Sprint” section on their website, and the “Sprint Zone” app available on all smartphones for existing customers. Together these two allow existing customers carte blanche easy perusing of the newest and most applicable deals.

All existing customers of Sprint automatically have their own personalized section of the Sprint website: the “My Sprint” section. Here Sprint offers deals and advertises customized packages to their most valued customers. This section is a safe environment where payments are made and contracts renewed.

Customers with smartphones can download the “Sprint Zone” app. This app contains all the necessary account details and information of the customer, the relevant smartphone’s diagnostic dashboard along with the newest and most relevant offers and deals exclusive to existing customers.

Existing customers are also eligible to all “data-share” offers: exclusive offers which are viewable on the Sprint website and are focused on families and couples seeking joint coverage. These offers change continually, yet remain available solely to existing Sprint customers.

For those customers who do no regularly use apps or visit the Sprint Site, the Sprint newsletter exists. The Sprint newsletter is sent out to all existing customers and interested individuals through email. These newsletters contain the best and most up to date deals and packages at exclusive prices and offers.