What Are Some Spiritual Warfare Myths About Demons?


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Some spiritual warfare myths about demons include the idea that demons can enter homes through pictures of certain animals, and through toys or mirrors. They also state that humans can influence the battles between angels and demons through their own spiritual warfare.

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Some Christians believe that demons can enter homes through depictions of certain animals. Most notably the owl and frog, which are indicated as unclean animals in the Bible. Owls are mentioned in the Old Testament as being unclean, while frogs are mentioned in Revelation as having a resemblance to certain demons. However, the myth is dispelled by the fact that there is no mention in the Bible of pictures being invitations to demons.

Another myth is that humans have influence over spiritual battles between angels and demons. This myth is derived from a passage in Daniel wherein Daniel is praying for guidance and it takes three weeks for his prayer to be answered. The reason for the delay was that an angel was waylaid by a demon for three weeks. The myth becomes the idea that if Daniel had stopped praying, the angel would have been defeated by the demon. However, further reading of this passage shows that the angel was assisted by another angel in defeating the demon, not by Daniel's prayers.

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